35 Hour Burn Time (approx.)
100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
100% Recyclable
Handmade in the UK


Available Scents


Black Cherry - This scent has a strong and vibrant scent identical to a tub of ripe cherries. The candle retains all the sweetness of cherry whilst adding rum notes and deep red tartness.


Blackberry & Bay - This scent features grapefruit, floral notes, vetiver, cedar, a burst of blackberry juice and bay leaf.


Clean Cotton - This sce nt subtly mixes that fresh linen scent with a touch of musky floral accord with violet and orange blossom, along with refreshing hints of Lily and Jasmine.


English Pear & Freesia - This scent features pear which is combined with quince which introduces honey sweetness and is surrounded with white freesia and wild climbing rose. A base of the composition is created of green, fresh and sour nuances of rhubarb along with warm and subtle aromas of patchouli, amber and white musk.


Grapefruit & Sea Salt - This scent is a fresh citrus fragrance of pink grapefruit, thyme and ginger with back notes of fig, musk and amber that combine to make this a rich lively citrus scent.


Jasmine - This scent is identical to freshly picked Jasmine flowers. This fragrance is bursting with floral aroma.


Lavender - This scent is identical to freshly picked lavender flowers. This fragrance is bursting with floral aroma.


Lemongrass & Ginger - This scent is full of tangy lemongrass, juicy lemons and limes, that combine with nutmeg, eucalyptus and spicy ginger root. You can also detect hints of patchouli, vanilla and white woods.


Lime Basil & Mandarin - This scent has notes of peppery basil and aromatic white thyme which brings an unexpected twist to the scent of lime.


Rhubarb & Rose - This scent has a mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance blended with tea rose and hints of pineapple on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.


Sage & Sea Salt - This scent is reminiscent of sea waves and the air fresh with sea salt and spray. This candle combines the mineral scent of the sea with the woody earthiness of sage.


Vanilla - This scent is full and sweet, identical to freshly chopped vanilla pods. It has a distinctive spicy but delicate floral aroma packed with vanilla scent.

Amber Collection Soy Wax Candle - 35hrs

  • On the first burn for each candle it is important that you let it burn for 3-4 hours to achieve the maximum melt pool which will ensure you achieve the total burn time for the candle. It is also important to trim the wick before every burn.